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individual psychotherapy

One-to-one psychotherapy is not just "venting." Therapy is working with a specially-trained psychotherapist who can help you identify goals and collaborate to improve ways in which you think and feel. The best outcomes for therapy require both a good interpersonal rapport and trust between therapist and client, as well as a willingness to stretch on the part of the client working with the therapist.

At Bayside Psychology, we understand what it means to be vulnerable, and what it means to work hard to see a way forward, to see a light ahead. With warmth, humor, and an extensive training background, our therapists strive to help get you closer to your goals, whether they be to emerge from a dark place, quiet the mind from anxiety, improve communications with loved ones, or get past a difficult point in life with honesty and openness. 

And we don't just want to address the issue at hand, we want to you move to excellence and success. At Bayside, we are not just about management, or symptom reduction, but we want you to be able to live your life as fully as possible.

If you are ready to make a change in your life, we are ready to help you get there and beyond.

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