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couples psychotherapy

Couples Therapy can be effective in helping to heal troubled relationships. If you find yourself in a cycle of having the same escalating fight or conflict that is leading to anger, resentment and general disconnection, it is time to realize that you may need professional help.


The key to any long lasting, satisfying relationship is commitment, openness and a willingness to be vulnerable and take emotional risks. In couples, we typically disagree over things like money, sex, trust, friends, levels of commitment, and vision for the future of the relationship. These are emotionally and psychologically charged areas which stir up our deepest sense of values, needs, and expectations. 


But troubled relationships don’t fix themselves. Problems in a relationship that are ignored will typically worsen over time, until they are beyond repair. If you have found that you and your partner are unable to have healthy discussions about these or any other topics, it may be time to seek professional help.


At Bayside Psychology, we want to help you understand not only what it is that you are in conflict about, but how you are in conflict. Differences in a relationship are inevitable, but how we approach these differences, how we enter into conflict, and how - or whether - we resolve them, can mean the difference between wearing each other down until there is nothing left, or fostering a healthy, loving relationship, filled with potential and growth.

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