about us

Whatever brings you to Bayside Psychology, our priority is to understand what personally motivates you and what treatment outcomes would be most meaningful for you. We begin with the end in mind, collaborating to develop goals based on what matters to you and what you feel would create the most significant personal changes for your life.

At Bayside Psychology, we will work with you in a way that is not only caring and compassionate but also evidence-based, skillful, effective, and individualized. Together we can work to reduce your distress, enhance your resilience, and shape a fuller, more meaningful life.

Marshall Robinson PhD

Marshall Robinson, Ph.D. Practice Director

Dr. Robinson believes the fundamentals of therapy focus on collaboration, warmth and a down-to-earth practical approach to solving problems and activating potential.


Susan Palmgren, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Palmgren approaches therapy with an eye to building on strengths and addressing root causes to bring about meaningful healing and growth.


Lisa Palladino, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Palladino works in mindfulness, psychodynamics, and Jungian psychology to help clients build a deep sense of engagement in a life with meaning, trust, strength, and self-compassion.

Ellen Foster, PsyD crop_edited_edited_ed

Ellen Foster Psy.D. Clinical Psychologist

Dr Ellen Foster is a licensed psychologist specializing in the treatment and evaluation of pre-teens, teens, and adults.