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Couples Therapy

We all run in to friction in our relationships. Even the healthiest of couples will come to points of difference from time to time, and we don't always know how best to navigate these differences. At Bayside Psychology, we understand that tension can lead to conflict, and sometimes conflict can lead to crisis. Whatever brings you to consider couples counseling, it is likely you and your partner do not understand how you got to this point, nor how to move past in a healthy and collaborative way.

We can offer guidance to couples looking to improve their communication, or who wish to work through an unexpected change in their family. We can also help those who fear they are close to the dissolution or break up of their relationship, and need guidance back from the precipice. At Bayside Psychology we can help you acquire the skills you need, and the tools  to not only heal the wounds, but to work together as a couple to form a new, healthy understanding of each other, and reach new ground.

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